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Terms and Conditions of
Services and Classes

Terms and conditions of long-term work: Courses, workshops, programs and ongoing consultations


  1. Timelines: the estimated timeline of a program or a course that takes place over an extended period of time, may change due to circumstances beyond the control of the facilitator. You are guaranteed the promised number of sessions Or classes, however, there may be times in which facilitator needs to reschedule or cancel which can extend the length of your course or program. if this creates a schedule interference for any students in a class, the recordings of the courses shall be evidence of delivery of services. 


Private program clients who work one on one with our consultants, will agree to a timeline of completion based on their program, and will have a three-month grace period to fulfill all promised sessions, after which The client forfeits extra sessions they did not complete within three extra months of original timeline agreement.


  1. If a student drops out of a personal program or course, or simply fails to attend class, The client is still responsible for payment in full.

  2. No refunds shall be issued However payments made can be transferred to other services or courses if the client or student changes her mind.

  3. A student or clients success at achieving the goals of the program of course is created to meet, is responsible for executing the Information provided by the consultant or teacher. Results may vary based on whether or not a student or client attends, participates, and follows the recommendations of the consultant and to what degree.

  4. Memberships: memberships are auto billed monthly, and tiered according to content and medium. Members may cancel at any time, however they must do so before the next billing date.

  5. Events: online events are nonrefundable if the client is unable to attend, however, a recording will be provided and this will be proof of services paid for. In person events such as retreats- group or private format-require the signing of a disclaimer

  6. our general disclaimer applies to all services and can be found on our website. This must be electronically signed for any long-term work with one of our facilitators or consultants, or they are agreed to in full by purchase of a product or service.

  7. By purchasing any of our services or products, you automatically agree to all of our terms of service, and agree to hold harmless your consultant, facilitator or the company.

  8. our consulting work is described in our disclaimer, and is a combination of creative, spiritual, and action oriented strategy. Clients are advised to continue to see any medical professionals they already have Or may require.

  9. appointments and cancellations: appointments must be booked 24 hours in advance using our electronic scheduling system. While we are compassionate to unforeseen occurrence that may requiring last-minute cancellations, A $40 fee will be charged after three such offenses within a program. No-show, no-calls are non-refundable and the session is forfeited. Cancellations 24 hours in advance or more, have no fee and can simply be rescheduled.

  10. Custom programs: New clients can request an initial assessment session wherein The consultant will assess compatibility, and provide client with information based on her expertise about how we may be able to assist and how. If the client agrees to a long-term program she will be provided with a written proposed course of action (POS) Which requires a nonrefundable deposit, and once approved By client and consultant, the clients custom mentorship program can begin. 

  11. One on one appointments are currently still available, but mentorship clients are prioritized and there may be a waiting list. 

  12. No appointments can be made until payment has been submitted unless there is A special agreement between the consultants and the client.

  13. Payments: Most long-term courses and high-end events can ask for a payment plan, then discuss options with the consultant or educator teaching a class or running the event. Any payment plans will be full price, in writing, and auto billed. Currently all payments are received through PayPal.

  14. Classes and events develop organically around the skills and subjects the educator is teaching based on the size of the class, who is in attendance, and the overall ambience of any given group. We work in a comprehensive and unorthodox Manor specifically designed for a Neurodivergent population, and suggest becoming familiar with your consultant and our work before signing up for a long-term commitment.

  15. Any potential student May request a brief Complementary phone consultation with the consultant to help assess whether it is in the best interest of both the student and the group to register for any class or workshop Six weeks or longer. This also applies to those who may be considering attending in person retreats and events.

  16. clients who are in consultation for resolution of spiritual, emotional, custom programs, classes or any other relevant event to this statute, have a sole responsibility of letting the consultant know if they are being treated for physical or mental health conditions that they are relevance to working

  17. Clients and students recognize that consultants, unless specifically stated, are not licensed by the state to diagnose, cure, or treat any disease, but instead make , Empathic,creative and spiritual observations and should never in any way be used to replace medical advice for any reason. See our general disclaimer for an extended version of the statute 18

  18. Recorded events, classes, and group work may be made available in our paid membership Area or for resale. Anyone who does not wish to be identified and they turn off their camera and replace their name for a coursework without penalty

  19. Technical issues: while it is our standard practice to record all zoom meetings, private, or group consultations, there are occasionally technical issues that prevent delivery of a recording. This will not be considered a failure to provide service in whole.

  20. Advertised events are in Eastern Standard Time. Cancun does not set the clock back and forwards throughout the year. This means that sometimes it is in central time and sometimes it is an eastern time. Please keep this in your awareness when signing up for a course, even if it is supposed to end before a time change in your area covered in earlier clauses.

  21. Outcome: no one can control outcome in any area of their own lives, let alone those of others. You are responsible for how you use this information and its outcome. This course will equip you with what you need for the positive outcome it states that it offers. By completing all requested tasks, “Homework, “and practice that instructors or consultants are providing, acting consistently, you increase the speed and the chances of your successful desired outcome greatly. Students who do not follow the program may not get the outcome they desire. This is the sole responsibility of the student. Educators, consultants And coaches are available to students require additional assistance in a topic or area. It is the sole responsibility of the student to reach out to the instructor

  22. By registering for any class or service, you agree to all terms and conditions as stated on this website.

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