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Working Healers Self-Employment Program

A one-year mentorship for neurodivergent creatives who want to be self-employed.

  • 1 hour
  • Location 1

Service Description

One-year Working Healers program: In the one-year program, I will pre-review your content for our one-hour sessions. This precise feedback will tell you exactly how to make your prose do what you want: make your content potent, provocative, and medicinal. I will guide you to the truths you need to understand about your own work to execute your service model. We will uncover what mission you’re being called toward, and with that understanding, we will unleash all your hidden potential. In one year we will also: Discover the cause you’re being called toward Uncover the nuances of your unique brand and the special potency within you Define what your business is, what it does, and who it serves Develop content and services that specifically support self-employment, including a signature product Coach you through creative blockage, including how to respond to feedback Learn how to interface with social media without getting steamrolled This will involve: Cataloging your training, skills, goals and liabilities: what has prevented execution in the past? Seeking clarity about your true sense of purpose: what is your passion, and therefore, your business? Identifying what you uniquely offer the world: finding the throughline within your medicine Uncovering potential clients: what, specifically, keeps them awake at night, and what, explicitly, you can do to solve it? Developing multiple signature products: how much medicine is in the cabinet? Leveraging your Tiny book into other products: curriculum development Creating content geared toward your carefully defined throughline that goes beyond a Tiny book, including, but not limited to: writing one or more workbooks, outlining workshops, outlining a signature course developing coaching materials that organize what you teach, creating website copy that clearly defines your services, strategizing ways to make customers see the value your services Uncovering additional potential streams of income for your brand Creatively strategizing content development for marketing: broadening your business with brainstorming, networking, and referrals Learning even more about screening and selling clients: Sales 101 Additional services may include: Learning various ways to monetize quality content Advice on procuring the services of graphic designers, editors, and literary agents Consultations regarding creating passive streams of income Referrals to professionals in Alison’s network to help you with other aspects of

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