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Wisdom Manual Coaching Program

Write your wisdom manual.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Location 1

Service Description

A wisdom manual is not a self-help book. It’s a map. It doesn’t tell the world our story. It reveals the essential and universal truths that come from our deeply personal experiences. It is a revelation that opens doors to inspiration, healing, understanding, and empowerment for people in places where no doors they can see will open. It places before them, a way through, when we put the key between the pages of the book of secrets we are about to reveal. Writing your wisdom manual teaches you how to reach into deeper places than the back of your mind to find your most meaningful, potent, and rich material. In this course, we write with our whole bodies. In this course, we finish what we started.  in this course, we write a love letter to humanity, to the person so we were 20 years ago, who needed the wisdom we now have. We write to make a difference. We write to let our work heal us. We write because it is our duty. We write so that our suffering is not wasted. We write, because it is our contribution, our great thank you, to the world. In this course, we write to sift the gold from the mud of the river bed We write to become clear, Golden, focused. There are things we must overcome to write a wisdom manual. We need to be willing to do exploratory work to discover where our experiences, passions, and knowledge meets our sense of purpose. We need to discover our message so clearly that it is a book title. We need to find out where the heart of this message and the hearts in our chests are making love, and birth a book from there. In this course, we answer our calling with meaningful action. I will help you discover your voice, get your pages written and tell the story that only you can tell. This course is a journey. This course is a revelation dawning. This course is for multidimensionally-minded people. This course is the space you need to start sketching out your blueprints for the first Viking ship to ever sail into the horizon of new lands at the turning of the tide of the world. And you are captaining the ship. Come into your depth with a stellar crew. If you are determined, you will have arrive at the land of manuscripts before you know it.

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