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Tiny Books for Spiritual Business

Learn how to create short books with big impacts for your spiritual business.

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If you’re a spiritual healer, psychologist, consultant or facilitator, your tiny book can make a big impact on your coaching practice. A tiny book is a book that is only 10,000-15,000 words, and it serves your clients and your spiritual business in so many ways. A tiny book can be a paperback book, as well as a multi-media ebook that guides your clients through your signature program, your course, workshop or process. A tiny book gets the attention of people who are interested in the topic and process in which you are an expert. It introduces you and your work to a new audience. It can help the people who are looking for you, find you. A tiny book gives people who may not get the chance to work with you affordable access to your knowledge and opens the door to relationships with people you can help in your coaching work, because, let’s face it, you can’t tell us everything you know in under 15,000 words. And some things have to be experienced. A tiny book can become the lynchpin that organizes and solidifies your programs and courses, making it much easier for you and your students to smoothly learn about and execute a learning and healing process. A tiny book is a great way for spiritual bloggers to organize and monetize the countless hours of spiritual and creative labor that they have generously given away for free on social media, and gives your tribe a chance to show their love support and appreciation for your work. A tiny book can help you establish the credibility you’ve earned in your field of expertise. A tiny book can help you launch or grow a product line that inspires, uplifts and excites your audience. A tiny book only takes weeks to write; not months, not years. A tiny book is focused, concise and easy to organize. Say goodbye to overwhelm. If you’re ready to utilize tiny books to upgrade your business, fill your coaching practice and introduce your work to a whole new audience, book your program with me and you could be done in 30 days, and in print shortly thereafter.

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