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Alchemical Memoir

Write your spiritual memoir.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Zoom meeting or phone

Service Description

The spiritual memoir is not a religious text. It is a mythological one. There is no more sacred a text I can think of than this: the book of life. Yours. Your story is important, and the spiritual memoir is a deep dive into the meaning and purpose of our experiences. It explores the mysterious way we become who we are, the forces of nature, of nurture, of darkness and lightness, suffering and redemption. At the wild and throbbing heart of the deeply personal, is the Universal. The spiritual memoir  is crafted with respectful exploration of these themes. Your story is one critical piece of the collective myth we share. It is a myth so great, so furious and wide and profound, that we need over 7 Billion people to uncover it. We need you to teach us. Let us sit at your feet and discover the magic that being you has unearthed. Let us heal in the circle that begins and ends with you, and you alone. Do your part, by knowing what is yours to know. Do your part, by giving what you have received. Do your part to end the great secret by contributing your valuable perspective, your earnest struggle, your triumphant return from the singed ends of the earth, from the unforgiving abyss. The miracle you carry with you must be birthed. It has been given to you so that it may find form in the world. In this program, Alison will: Hold you accountable to your writing goals Read your pages and give you notes that help you provocatively tell your truth Help you find, strengthen and write from your true voice Support you emotionally as you write the story you've lived through Teach you the critical tools of writing potently and provocatively. Help you develop prose that gets to the essential truth of what happened and who it happened to Write with you and help you attune to the energies of alchemy and elements to help you turn your pain into power through your body and pen Help you get your manuscript written Help you overcome writers block Show you what a great writer you can be It is time. You know it is. You have spent decades, becoming true. You have been in process for so long, and finally, the break-through that makes you ready to start living your embodied purpose is upon you. And you know what it is, Messenger, Healer, Teacher, Living Grace, Lover of Nature, Wild God-Mother, Indigo-go-go-girl.

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