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Alison Nappi is a wild creature made of dragon wing skin and fireflies and moonlight captured in the eye of the sorcerer who went too far. She is part wolf, part fragmented prayer carved in ancient tongues, part looking glass. Her actual spine is the place where pages come together to show you where you are.


When she is not mapping the underworld she may be found crafting spells for a new world that can’t exist, or leaving honeycomb near the edge of a cliff near a river, or stomping prayers into the earth in wild heathen morse code ‘round a fire on the edge of an ocean somewhere while men drum and women wail.

You can find her, if you’re looking through a hagstone. Ask her for a poem to ward off the night, or to bring it in tighter, so you can wrap it ‘round your body, and  stay warm in deep space.

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